Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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They can search by overall
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We have specific procedures in place to maintain a high level of
control over the whole process. If a recruiter selects you for a
relevant position, as a first step we will check your references. You
will then be expected to attend an interview with our IT panel and
might be asked to spend time at our partner's in-house testing
facilities. If you are successful with your application, we then
manage the whole process through to arranging a visa, etc.

1. Prepare, for cutting and pasting, your CV with full details EXCEPT

personal contact data.

2. Prepare a brief description of your current job, including role

within your organisation and key skills. This should be no more than

1000 characters long and not contain company names, just descriptions.

3. If you have worked abroad, then prepare a brief description of the

assignment including the country and relevant dates (again, no company